The care Mary has given me has made a difference in my life.


Mary has an incredible ability. She healed my back. I feel better physically and even emotionally. She is kind. It’s clear that acupuncture isn’t just a job for her.


The thing that brought me to Mary was seeking relief from the pain caused by my scoliosis. I didn’t know any names of acupuncturists so I prayed and meditated and went to the yellow pages knowing I would find the right one for me. She was the second person I called.

When I heard her voice my whole body, mind and soul relaxed and I knew I found the one for me. After only a few treatments the pain was gone.
But I loved the “space” Mary’s treatment put me in so I continued to see her.
I have and will continue to see Mary for acupuncture.

She always takes the time to talk to me and is truly interested in what is going on in my life. She always makes sure my needs are met.

As with anyone, I have to trust a person and with Mary I do, mind body and soul.
She is blessed with so many natural gifts. I truly believe anyone will benefit from her and I would and I do recommend anyone to her.


Many times Mary would stay late for my treatments. She helped make my days better. I’m so grateful for her.


I appreciate Mary and enjoy receiving acupuncture from her.


Mary’s helped me so much throughout a stressful time in my life. I’ll appreciate it for a very long time.


Having Mary in my life has been a gift from the universe. Her healing hands, gentle spirit and caring heart, combined in her therapies, provides a safe, thoughtful, understanding and knowledgeable modality for restoring health and balancing energies.

Mary is a lovely person, a dedicated healer and a generous spirit.

Mary is dedicated to her patients and strives for their ultimate well-being.


Thank you for your warm ways and for going away to study.

Thank you, for studying so carefully and for bringing that knowledge back home and for being willing to share that knowledge.

Thank you for taking such good care of me. I am so very grateful.


I’m so appreciative of Mary and acupuncture. What a difference the treatments made with my asthma.


I’m thankful for all that Mary does for me.


The richness of acupuncture can only be gained through a personal experience of the powerful effects. I met Mary in a massage class where she was the instructor.

In her presence, I felt a free and passionate spirit.

I had no doubt in choosing Mary as my acupuncturist because I believe in the universe and destiny.

The space that she held in the treatment room was truly sacred and peaceful.

When I receive acupuncture from Mary, amazing things would happen.

Acupuncture has touched the most superficial pain to the deepest pain; from my back pain, in which I am healed, to the suffering of my heart and soul, in which I am continuously healing.

To be treated with acupuncture by Mary is like being seen through the eyes of a precious jewel.


Mary has a gift of healing and I’m so grateful to have been one of the many to be touched by it.
I hope the words and philosophies that shaped her will continue to help others.


Mary is: Kind, thoughtful, respectful, appropriate, gentile, assertive, strong, intelligent, witty, fun, playful, honest, passionate… the list is endless.


I feel relaxed, peaceful, content and happy. I attribute this state of affairs to Mary and her ministrations.


Mary Iverson creates an innovative and informative ethics class. She has a talent of making a safe environment which allows the whole class to share experiences and wisdom.

Altari - Massage Therapy Workshops – Ethics

I learned how to acknowledge my feelings, see how a certain feeling actually feels and plays out throughout my body.

Transform the feeling into gratitude, and observe what then is happening.

This class has taught me how to be a spectator of myself when I sometimes am controlled by emotion. The classes were a turning point in my life and continues to be so.

She took us through meditations that changed my view of me, the world and those who affected me in the present and the past.

I cannot begin to tell you all the guilt and anger that helped me turn loose of.

To finally know the judgment, the responsibilities, the shame, the blame that was put on me, was not mine to carry any more.

And now I can and do make different choices that will form my future.

Carol - Massage Therapy Workshops – Ethics

I never thought I’d like acupuncture. I didn’t like the idea of needles being stuck into my body. Then I went to Mary Iverson for acupuncture to help with chronic pain, and have invited many people to experience her healing ways since then. Mary is an amazement: kind, skilled, and she trusts her own remarkable intuition when it comes to what needs healing below the level of symptom and addresses that as well with her skillfully placed needles. I feel no pain when she inserts her (sterile) needles, just a bit of pressure, perhaps. Usually I feel nothing. But what happens next is a deep sense of peace, and of being in the right place, with the right person. I wholeheartedly recommend Mary’s healing work with acupuncture. You will see what I mean.

Tess Taft

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