Clinic Visits

On your first visit I ask you to fill out a few intake forms containing basic medical/payment and insurance information. When entering the treatment room, there is a massage table with sheets and a blanket on top similar to most spas or massage therapy environments. First we will sit and visit to assess your needs.

Once your treatment approach is decided you’ll lay on top of the massage table. I will then take a reading of your meridian pulses at each wrist to help me get an overview of flow and or blockages present in your body.

Once the treatment plan is decided, you’ll be receiving a treatment for about an hour. Within that hour, I’ll either treat with acupuncture or I might add additional techniques of support to reach my end goal of healing and support.

When the session is complete, we will visit again on how you are feeling, what we might be able to expect post-treatment and what I would like to pursue for your next treatment.

Mary has been in private practice for 21 years. Her passion is to support people in their journey towards healing and quality of life.

What to Expect

During a session, Mary intently listens to the needs of each person to create a treatment plan that suits their goals for healing and support. Acknowledging and addressing each person’s voice is a cornerstone of Mary’s treatments in creating an individualized plan of care.

Mary’s treatments are very individualized to accommodate where each person is with their health. Treatments can be focused on symptom management related to the side effects of chemotherapy, medications and radiation.

During a session, Mary will:

1. Listen to the needs of each client
2. Craft a treatment plan together
3. Treat through complementary medicin

Clinic Visits

Learn what to expect when you visit my clinic.

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