Guided Imagery

Guided imagery uses the power of our own minds to heal our healing process. This technique is used in addition to acupuncture to help stimulate all 5 senses. Guided imagery meditation is when you are in a relaxed state and Mary will guide you through imagery to induce deep relaxation and stress release. It is a very gentle but powerful technique that focuses and directs the imagination in proactive, positive ways. The intention of the visualizations is to expand the treatment that she is giving. It is helpful to alleviate stress, anxiety and fatigue. If it works for you, she will give you exercises to practice at home.

When properly constructed, guided imagery meditation has the built-in capacity to deliver multiple layers of complex encoded messages by way of simple symbols and metaphors. Because this meditation engages your right side of the brain, it may heighten emotions, laughter, and abstract thinking and empathy. Studies after studies have shown that our minds have the incredible ability to heal ourselves to support the quality of life.

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